How to park in Versailles ?

Several parking are available near the Hotel du Jeu de Paume

Place d'Armes Parking (Castle of Versailles)

Quarter hour parking: 1,20€ (during the first 4 hours of parking) Quarter hour parking: 0,60€ (beyond the first 4 hours of parking) Lost ticket: 36€ (per day the vehicle is present)

Avenue de Sceaux parking

Quarter-hour parking: free (for the first hour) Quarter-hour parking: €0.55 (rate valid for the following hours) Lost ticket: €25 (per day the vehicle is present)

Parking Cathédrale Saint-Louis (underground)

Lost ticket: 25€ (per day the vehicle is present) 15 minutes for the first half hour: 0,70€ Quarter hour parking: 0,70€ (for the first half hour) Quarter hour parking: 0,50€ (after the end of the first half hour) 0.50€ (after the end of the first half hour and until the end of the fourth hour) Quarter of an hour of parking: 0.30€ (from the fifth to the twelfth hour) From 12 hours to 24 hours: 22€ Lost ticket: 43€ Possible packages from 1 to 3 days: 1 day: 22€ - 2 days: 32€ - 3 days: 43€

Fontenay Street (Hotel street)

In the rue of Jeu de Paume hôtel it is possible to park, the places are paying thanks to the PayByPhone application, no more need to go to the parking meter, pay and manage your parking remotely on your smartphone, healthy and simple. (1€ -> 1h)

Free parking everywhere from 7pm to 9am and on Sundays, in the street and all parking lots except Place d’Armes.

Parkopedia website (Price for two hours)